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Film maker / Videographer

I started my career in documentary television for the BBC in Cardiff, so story telling has always been part of what I do. More often now shorts films/videos are being used on websites or in social media to get information across in an easily accessible way.

I work on my own, filming, interviewing, editing and producing each film/video myself. This allows me to work on projects or with people that may normally find being filmed difficult. As it is just me and my camera, I am less imposing and intrusive. I believe this is where my strengths lie in telling sensitive, personal and heart warming stories, the subtlety of which may get lost in a big crew production.

If film/video is what you need to communicate your story or promote your business then please contact me (Nanette) for a chat.

Recent commissions include

    • Monmouthshire County Council. Social media - short films across Monmouthshire, covering press events.
    • Community Connections. Documentary short films to show the impact of the 'Community Befriending project' in Monmouthshire, South Wales.
    • Education Achievement Service (EAS). Short film interviews, showing the impact of the service, for use at conferences and on website/social media.
    • Hereford Cathedral School - Marketing and Pr, Short Film and Photography for use on Website and social media platforms. 



Abigail Barton - Communications, Marketing & Engagement Manager MCC
Nanette is more than a wonderful, talented and creative freelancer photographer/film maker – Nanette feels like a part of my team and is great to work with. Nanette’s social media films are driving business performance for us as we’re generating more and more reach on Facebook and Twitter from residents liking and sharing the films that Nanette produces for us. Nanette has an amazing talent for building a rapport with everyone she meets and putting them at ease, which enables her to capture magical photos of people from all backgrounds, abilities and ages. Thank you so much Nanette – you continue to produce fabulous work within tight timescales for a range of very different briefs which our community and colleagues love.
Miranda Thomason - Bridges Centre
We have had such positive feedback about the films and photographs Nanette has created for our community projects. Nanette is an excellent communicator and facilitator, she took time to understand our approach and the message we wanted to put across. This work has enabled us to promote our services and attract new partnerships and funding. Nanette is great to work with, she is so positive and is a real 'people person' as well as an expert in her field.

Film Maker | Videographer | Social Media | Websites | Based in South Wales and regularly working in Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire, Powys, Bristol, Cardiff, Brecon, South Wales, Wales, UK